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Session 2

October 1 – November 30

Klay Thompson once scored 60 points using only 11 dribbles.  Sometimes the most effective basketball is often the most the most simple.  In “Session 2,” we will be getting “back to the basics.”  Players who participate in “Session 2” will walk into the season shooting faster, at a higher percentage, and effectively reading the closeout. 


HoopRank keeps you updated with standout players, accolades, features, interviews, offers, commitments, and top performers emerging from “Session 2.”  We will also name an MVP at the conclusion of the session in November. 



Kristopher M. Kuhn

I could just tell you, “I was a division I basketball player, so I know how to get you there,” but let me tell you more.

HoopRank was truly developed “for the players.”  We are not a basketball team.  We are a team of basketball trainers dedicated solely to the development of our players. This unique position gives us a very different scope of success.  We have no bias attachments to the team or organization whatsoever.  Our focus is simply on our players, because we understand that our success is measured in theirs.

We don’t want “role players.” Role players will find success in their role by going to practice every day and doing exactly what their coach tells them to do, the way they tell them to do it.  We are in the business of creating “stars!”  STAR players work on their individual craft to do exactly what their coach tells them to do, AND MORE, in ways not many others could possibly imagine.



Become a HoopRank Player

We are not just a basketball training company.  We are also a professional media house that leverages our platform to market our players to colleges.  Find a session on our training calendar that works with your current schedule, simply click, and pay.  If you do not see any sessions available that work with your schedule, you can request to create a new schedule as well!

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