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HoopRank Basketball Training & Development is the only organization in Nebraska that is “player focused.”  We are not a basketball team.  We are a team of basketball trainers dedicated solely to the individual development and exposure of the players we train. 

Our concern is not the school.  Our concern is not the organization.  Our concern is not even the team.  Our impact is simple… THE PLAYER!  Our unique position allows us to focus solely on our player’s individual success, and make no mistake about it… We do not accept failure.


This camp offers a unique blend of drills, exercises, and expert coaching to help you master dribbling, agility, and quick decision-making with the ball. Whether you're a basketball novice who can barely go full speed while dribbling the ball or you're seasoned veteran looking for a few more tricks to put up your sleeve, this camp is for you!
Introducing the exciting new basketball league by HoopRank, specially tailored for kids aged 3-6! Our league provides a fun and safe environment for your little ones to learn and enjoy the game of basketball. Our league focuses on building fundamental skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship wile fostering a psssiom for the sport. Sign up today and let your child dribble, shoot, and score their way to a great time on the court!
Join or finishing camp where players of all skill levels will learn keys to master the art of close-range scoring. Led by some of our seasoned coaches, our camp focuses on refining footwork, enhancing agility, and developing precision in layup techniques and decision making. Elevate your game and dominate the court with our specialized camp to help improve your scoring efficiency and boost your finishing skills.
Sign up for our dynamic 3 on 3 basketball camp designed to enhance your gameplay through comprehensive instruction on reading same-sided actions. Our coaches will help players explore various scoring opportunities derived from in-game reads, and further players' understanding of the game. Elevate your basketball IQ and become a scoring maestro in this intensive, skill focused camp.


HoopRank will host open runs every Saturday from 9:00am – 11:00am EXCLUDING EVERY SECOND SATURDAY OF THE  MONTH.  Players currently training with HoopRank are REQUIRED to attend, and may bring up to FOUR (4) teammates.  All other players must pay a $5 drop in fee for entry. 


Alivia Kuhn

  • 2028
  • Guard
  • ETG/3SSB

Liv is honestly one of more talented players in her class.  She played 15U on the Adidas Circuit with ETG in the 7th grade at just 13 years of age.  She is just starting to get national attention.  We are looking forward to big things!


Kristopher M. Kuhn

I could just tell you, “I was a division I basketball player, so I know how to get you there,” but let me tell you more…

HoopRank was truly developed “for the players.”  We are not a basketball team.  We are a team of basketball trainers dedicated solely to the development of our players. This unique position gives us a very different scope of success.  We have no bias attachments to the team or organization whatsoever.  Our focus is simply on our players, because we understand that our success is measured in theirs.

We don’t want “role players.” Role players will find success in their role by going to practice every day and doing exactly what their coach tells them to do, the way they tell them to do it.  We are in the business of creating “stars!”  STAR players work on their individual craft to do exactly what their coach tells them to do, AND MORE, in ways not many others could possibly imagine.


To develop players interested in playing collegiate basketball to a level of marketability, providing a stage for exposure opportunities, and marketing players to colleges. Our ultimate metric of success is based on college scholarships.



We are not just a basketball training company.  We are also a professional media house that leverages our platform to market our players to colleges.  Find a session on our training calendar that works with your current schedule, simply click, and pay.  If you do not see any sessions available that work with your schedule, you can request to create a new schedule as well!